What Is A Hernia?

The pain and discomfort of a hernia can put you back in a caveman position in seconds flat. Dr. Deal will help you determine the severity of your hernia, and recommend a course of treatment. Then, he'll use state-of-the-art equipment and innovative procedures to repair the damage and send you home the same day. In just a couple of weeks, you'll be back standing upright with the rest of us other homo sapiens.

What is a hernia?

Your body wall is a strong, muscular bag holding your internal organs in place. There are some natural weak spots, however, especially in the groin and around the belly button. Sometimes people who have had abdominal surgery will notice a bulge at the scar. These are called hernias, or areas where small intestines or other abdominal tissue pushes through the weak area of the body wall and makes a lump under the skin.

Hernias are named for where they are located. The groin is one of the most common locations, and may occur in both men (inguinal hernias) and women (femoral hernias). Regardless of where they are located, though, surgical repair simply reinforces the area of weakness, moving the tissues and bowel back into the abdomen. Most surgical repairs are very successful.

Hernia symptoms may include:

  • a bulge under the skin which may come and go
  • pain when trying to lift something
  • a dull, aching sensation
  • a vague feeling of fullness or discomfort

Most hernias are “reducible”, or will drop back into the abdomen when you are lying flat or if they are gently pushed back with the fingers. Hernias may remain unchanged for long periods of time, or they may worsen quickly – every hernia, just like every patient, is different. Your physician will also explain that bowel can become trapped in the opening, stopping the blood flow and causing severe pain. “Irreducible” or an entrapped hernia is a potentially life-threatening situation, requiring immediate surgery.



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